From Technology to Baking: Nothing Bundt Cakes Bring Happiness to Stockton

FrontCoverTop  By Bryan Orozco
It is little over a year now that Nothing Bundt Cakes opened at Lincoln Shopping Center with great success, and to think that owner Mike Robinson wasn’t looking for a franchise to own.
I tried these cakes in 2014 at the request of a good friend and was immediately convinced this was something I wanted to be a part of said Mike
Robinson grew up in the bay area and at an early age was interested in technology, particularly Apple Computers. Throughout the years he went up the ranks in the tech industry but it got to a point where he wanted to spend more time with his family.
When Robinson reached out to Nothing Bundt Cakes there were two opportunities in two different towns to open a franchise, Stockton or Modesto. The opportunity of having a Nothing Bundt Cakes in Stockton’s Lincoln Shopping Center and with him knowing the area and having a daughter in high school there made Stockton the logical choice.
Stockton’s Nothing Bundt Cakes not only has been helping its customers, but also the community. It has been involved with many organizations such as Junior League, American Cancer Society, Child Abuse Precention Council, and Kids Taking a Stand to name a few!
“We are heavily involved in the charitable side of the community and it feels good,” said Robinson “It is amazing to meet these people and to see how dedicated they are to these causes.”
They help by donating their product, Bundt cake. They have donated up to 300 cakes for some events.
But reaching out to the Latino community has been a challenge, however one that Robinson wants to take on.
“I don’t know all the things I can be involved in. So as much as they are exploring me, I’m exploring them.”
Bundt cake is not traditional in Latino festivities and culture. That is not to say that it can be in accompaniment as Nothing Bundt Cakes locations in Las Vegas and San Diego, in similar demographic locations as Stockton has seen orders for single serving Bundtlets for quinceañeras.
Recently Robinson has joined the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce which he believes will open a new world of possibilities for engagement with the Latino community.
Robinson believes that if people get the chance to taste the cakes they will see Bundt cakes as a viable option for meetings, parties and celebrations.
That cake has brought much success in just one year.
Nothing Bundt Cakes’ first location was opened in Las Vegas in 1998. Fast forward to 2015 with now 146 locations nationwide, Stockton’s Nothing Bundt Cakes is off to an amazing start, and plans on being around for many many years to come!  This speaks volumes about this amazing community!
Nothing Bundt Cakes success can also be seen in the managerial side as 80% of the staff is still working there since the opening day.
As the holiday season approaches, Robinson believes that they will have another outstanding year.
“When you talk about the future and you behave in a way that you are good with your employees, you are good with the community and your product is outstanding there is nothing stopping your future.” Said Robinson
Nothing Bundt Cakes in Stockton will continue to serve the community by providing high-quality cakes. Steps to appeal to the Latino community have been taken, but only time will tell if Bundt cakes will be enjoyed in the Latino community of Stockton and beyond.

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