Humphreys College to Continue Family Tradition with New President

DSC_0159The adage “like father, like son” takes on a whole new meaning at Humphreys College.

For more than a century, fathers and sons of the Humphreys family have been running the small, private institution, which is its namesake.

Dr. Robert Humphreys Jr. will carry on that tradition when he succeeds his father as president of Humphreys College, marking four generations of leadership led by a Humphreys. He will replace Dr. Robert Humphreys Sr., who is retiring after more than three decades as president of the Stockton-based College known for its business, education, and law programs.

Humphreys Jr. was recently appointed to the presidency by the College’s Board of Trustees. He is serving as interim Provost of the College until his father officially retires in July 2015. He previously served as Dean of Instruction, overseeing the academic programs of the College.

“My vision is to continue to be true to the College,” Humphreys Jr. said in a recent interview. “And continue to expand the College and its ability to serve students.”

The Humphreys family has run the College since it was founded in 1896 by John R. Humphreys Sr., the great grandfather of Dr. Robert Humphreys Jr. In 1937, John R. Humphreys Jr. became president and led the institution until 1980, when Dr. Robert Humphreys Sr. took over.

With campuses in Stockton and Modesto, Humphreys College serves about 800 students, offering associate, bachelor and master degrees and certificates in a number of fields within four main academic areas: law, business, human services and liberal arts.

“The focus has always been business, law, and education, with a foundation in the liberal arts,” Humphreys Jr. said.

The College has an open-door admissions policy, allowing anyone with a high school diploma and passing of the ACT placement examination to be considered for acceptance. It aims to provide a highly accessible education for members of the local community who want to pursue a college education and working professionals who want to expand their training. In 1972, it became accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
Before becoming an administrator of the College in 2003, Humphreys Jr. was a senior financial consultant for a number of technology companies in San Francisco and Sacramento. In his role as Humphreys College president, Humphreys Jr. said he plans to develop new academic programs at the College and continue to expand its online course offerings.

In the future, Humphreys College could possibly offer full academic programs online to accommodate students who live out of the area or have busy schedules. Another possibility is to offer a hybrid program that involves offering half of the courses online while the remaining courses must be taken on campus in the classroom.

“There’s been a lot of great work done,” said Humphreys Jr. “We will continue to expand the College and its ability to serve students.”

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