Rick Grewal hopes to bring Business Skills to Stockton City Council

GrewalStockton City Council candidate Rick Grewal is taking a stand in the fight to create a positive change in his community.

He was happy being a successful small business owner, pilot and family man in the city that he loves. However, his concerns about escalating crime and Stockton’s bankruptcy prompted Grewal to run for office in order to address these critical issues.

Grewal believes his business skills and experience as a volunteer pilot for local law enforcement could help the city navigate through troubling times and bring Stockton peace and economic prosperity.

“I will work with every council member to make sure we have a common goal,” Grewal said. “I grew up here, this is our city.”

The voters will decide in November if Grewal is the man for the job. Grewal is running against an incumbent for Stockton City Council’s district one seat, which represents the most northern part of Stockton.

Economic Growth
Over the years Grewal has owned and operated several small businesses, including a sandwich shop, carwash, automotive repair shop and aviation flight school. He currently runs a local gas station and is co-owner of Kingdon Airport. He is also part owner of Kingdon Drags, an annual drag racing event, which has had a rich history in California.

Grewal said he believes that his business experience and insight will guide economic growth in Stockton. He has experience in operating small businesses in a variety of industries, including restaurant, retail, aviation, construction and development.

His business ventures have involved working with city leaders and planners throughout San Joaquin Valley as he pursued successful residential and commercial development projects. If elected, Grewal plans to promote small business development by enticing new businesses to the area and cutting the red tape that hinders existing businesses.
Safer Neighborhoods.

Grewal noted that the growth of small businesses will lead to the creation of new jobs in Stockton and reduce unemployment. This will build a bigger tax base for our economy and therefore provide more funding for public safety. Without more funding, it is impossible to staff an adequate number of police officers to address crime in the area. Less violence on the streets is critical for a high quality of life and economic vitality, he said.

As part of the city council, Grewal said he would work to ensure that funding from Tax Measure A will be used for what it was intended for – which is to hire 120 new law enforcement officers. He would also make sure that Stockton and San Joaquin County law enforcement officials work together to keep criminals in jail and off the streets.

“As a father and husband, I have always valued a safe and healthy community, which is why public safety is my top priority,” Grewal said.

Grewal said his experience as a volunteer surveillance pilot for the San Joaquin County Sheriff Department gives him insight into the needs of local law enforcement and local crime. For more than eight years, he worked cases involving drugs, homicide, firearms, kidnapping, and escaped prisoners.

While doing so, he was exposed to various agencies, including Cal Met, ATF, FBI, DEA and the Stockton Police Department. He also served as commander of the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Air Posse in 2008.  “I have always helped to protect and serve my community,” Grewal said.

Stockton Roots
A resident of Stockton since he was eight years old, Grewal grew up in low income housing on the east side of Stockton. His family immigrated to California from India in the 1970s. Grewal said he learned the value of discipline and dedication from his parents, who worked very hard to earn a good living and put food on the table for the family.

After graduating from Franklin High School, Grewal earned an associate’s degree in Business Accounting from San Joaquin Delta College and completed course work towards a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Sacramento State University.  He then went on to become a successful business owner and pilot.

Grewal has been married to his wife Preet for twenty years. They have two children, Rajen, 19, and Sereena, 14.

In addition to his business endeavors, Grewal serves as a member of the board of directors for Twin Creeks Estates Home Owners Association and is vice chairman of the H.O.P.E. Foundation, a local non-profit organization that provides various services to the community, including mentoring youth, feeding the homeless, supporting veterans, removing graffiti throughout the city, and assisting newly released prisoners as they transition back into society.

“I care about this community and that’s why I’m stepping up,” Grewal said. “Our children deserve to have a safer, brighter and more prosperous future.”

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