Meet Stockton City Council Candidate Rick Grewal

slide-4Businessman Rick Grewal is running against incumbent Elbert Holman for Stockton City Council’s district one seat, which represents the most northern part of Stockton. Voters will decide his fate in the general election in November. This is the first in a series of articles about Grewal’s life, professional background, and the issues he plans to address if elected to office.

Rick Grewal is dedicated to serving his community and feels that his business experience will guide economic growth in Stockton.  If elected, Grewal plans to promote small business development, which will lead to the creation of new jobs in Stockton. He will also work to reduce crime and keep safety as top priority.  “We need to invest in our community’s future,” Grewal said. “Common sense in business, practical solutions, and reduction in red tape will allow this community to redevelop.”

Grewal has been a resident of Stockton since he was eight years old. As a young boy, he lived in low income housing on the east side of Stockton and remembers what it was like to struggle for the opportunity to make his own future. His family immigrated to California from India in the 1970’s.  His parents worked hard and taught him the value of discipline and dedication.

After graduating from Franklin High School, Grewal earned an associate’s degree in Business Accounting from San Joaquin Delta College and completed course work towards a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Sacramento State University. He then went on to follow his dreams and has become a successful business entrepreneur and pilot.  He owns and operates several small businesses, which include a gasoline station, sandwich shop, carwash, automotive repair shop, and aviation flight school.

He is also part owner of Kingdon Drags, an annual drag racing event which has had a rich history in California, and co-owner of Kingdon Airport. Over the years Grewal has achieved successful solutions in various residential and commercial development projects.  His experience has led him to work in cooperation with other city leaders and planners throughout the valley.

Grewal has served as a volunteer backup pilot for the San Joaquin County Sheriff Department for more than eight years. He worked cases involving drug interdiction, homicide, firearms, kidnapping, and escaped prisoners with various agencies, including Cal Met, ATF, FBI, DEA and the Stockton Police Department.  He served as commander of the San Joaquin County Sheriffs Air Posse in 2008. Grewal continues to fly on a regular basis. He is currently a member of the Delta Flying Club Inc. and is serving as the organization’s president.

Grewal is married to Preet and they have been happily married for twenty years. They have two teenage children, Rajen and Sereena. His son Rajen, age 19, was born blind and is autistic.  However he is musically gifted and can play many instruments. Grewal’s daughter Sereena,14, is now a sophmore at Middle College High School at Delta College and is a talented pianist.

Currently, Grewal is serving as a board of directors for Twin Creeks Estates Home Owners Association. He is also vice chairman of the H.O.P.E. Foundation, a local non-profit organization endowed with the mission of changing lives and giving the gift of hope. The organization mentors troubled students in need, feeds the homeless, provides support to veterans,  removes garbage and graffiti throughout the city, and assists newly released prisoners as they transition back into society.


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