Stockton’s Jose Rojas slays two racquetball “Giants”

Jose Rojas
Jose Rojas

by James Wallace

Jose Rojas, last week in Kansas, defeated two of the all-time great players, Kane Waselenchuk of Texas and Rocky Carson of Mission Viejo, California. With these two wins, Jose won the Tier I, Professional Tournament called, “The Ghost of Georgetown.”  Jose’s defeat over Waselenchuk in the semifinals marked the first time in four (4) years that Kane had lost a match. Needless to say, Stockton’s Jose Rojas is the focus of the world-wide racquetball community.

Jose was born in April of 1990 and is now in his fourth full season on the International Racquetball Tour (  He graduated from the University of the Pacific in 2012 with a degree in Business.  Jose’s highest end of the year ranking has been #3.  He is currently ranked #4, although with his tournament victory in Kansas, he will probably move up in the standings.  Jose is part of a local racquetball community that calls itself “The 209,” after Stockton’s area code.   With a large and hungry talent pool, there are numerous players here that challenge Jose on a weekly basis.  This is the best practice and preparation situation for all of them.  Coach Ellis often jokes, “Jose is trying to be #1 in the world, yet it is a challenge to be #1 in his own household, given that brother Marco is also a professional player who has had much success.


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