Local clinic focuses on fast care for the family

By Jennifer Torres

STOCKTON: On a rainy afternoon earlier this month, a steady stream of patients filled the waiting room of Rami Georgies’s urgent care clinic, and one-by-one, each was called to be examined and treated.

Georgies, a physician who completed his medical training at San Joaquin General Hospital, opened California Urgent Care – at 8001 Lorraine Ave. in Stockton – a year ago to help address an unmet need, he said. The clinic is open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. to serve patients whose illnesses and minor injuries need timely attention – but aren’t serious enough for a trip to the emergency room.

Georgies and his colleagues can suture cuts, treat burns, and address sprains and minor fractures, for example. They also are available to administer vaccines, physicals and pregnancy tests, as well as to examine patients who come in with a wide range of symptoms. Digital X-ray services are available on site.

“We’re fast, efficient clean,” Georgies said. “We have a friendly staff. We try to handle everything in house.”

The north Stockton community in which the urgent care center is located has expanded rapidly in recent years with new housing developments. But medical services hadn’t kept up, Georgies said. “This was an underserved area,” he said. “On the other side of town, they have multiple offices.”

Georgies, who has worked as a primary care physician, said he prefers the unpredictable nature of urgent care medicine.

“You can’t anticipate what you’re going to get,” he said. “You see all groups, from children to seniors. You don’t know what’s coming in the next room. It’s a mix of everything.” The clinic accepts most insurance plans and works hard, Georgies said, to assist patients who are uninsured.

Many patients, he said, come to his center when they need to be examined right away, but their usual doctor isn’t available. The availability of urgent care services, he says, saves them the expense and difficulty of an emergency room visit.

A native of Syria, Georgies immigrated to Stockton in 1996 to pursue his medical training. He and his wife have lived in the community ever since and have come to embrace it as their home and to understand its needs well, he said. The couple have three school-age children – a girl and two boys – and enjoy spending time together in and around Stockton.

For more information on California Urgent Care, visit calurgentcare.com or call (209) 472-7400.

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