**11 Days Until Election Day**

GET OUT THE VOTE. Please do everything you can to get out the vote to every Californian you know. We have tools online to make it easy:
• Tell a friend, with a simple click of the mouse.
• Pass out fliers and walk cards, available online
• Share our ads on Facebook and twitter
• If you are a company or organization, send an email to your employees, members, family and friends

Public Polling: On Thursday, the Los Angeles Times released the results of a phone survey of 1500 Californians, showing that Prop 37 is in a statistical dead heat at 44%Yes, 42%No among likely voters. While the Times asked a concept question that typically favors the “Yes” side (as opposed to reading the ballot label that voters are voting on), it is another indication that this race will be very close and we need to do everything possible to get out the vote and educate voters in the final week of the election.

Advertising : We continued our heavy television, radio, and online advertising campaign. We plan new ads for the final 10 days of the campaign. Please visit our online media center at www.noprop37.com/media/videos/ for the latest ads.

Opposition Activity:
• Yes on 37 launched a new television ad starting today, with a moderate-sized buy scheduled to air in major markets through election day. The Yes side claims they have approximately $3 million for final television and radio ads.
• Yes on 37 continues to appeal to new donors, claiming if they can raise an additional $2 million they can increase their ad buy to levels they believe are sufficient to pass Prop 37.

• We received three new No on 37 editorials this week, including from the Chico Enterprise Record, Investor Business Daily and the Stockton Record. In addition, the San Diego Union Tribune ran a 2nd No on 37 editorial, calling the measure a ‘scam’. Our No on 37 editorial count is up to 41 daily newspapers urging No on 37.

• Media activity has definitely increased and will continue through election day. We have had dozens of radio and television debates, as well as online debates moderated by the newspapers, that will continue for the next week. Attached are the past week’s media clips. You can review all the No on 37 editorials and other favorable news clips at http://www.noprop37.com/media/news/

Coalitions: Attached is the current coalition list and below is the list of new additions to our coalition this past week.
• Greater Corona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
• CA Chapters of the National Electrical Contractors Association
• El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce
• Los Angeles County Business Federation
• Jon McQuiston, Kern County Board of Supervisors, District 1
• Zack Scrivner, Kern County Board of Supervisors, District 2
• Mike Maggard, Kern County Board of Supervisors, District 3
• Raymond A. Watson, Kern County Board of Supervisors, District 4
• Karen Goh, Kern County Board of Supervisors, District 5
• Andy Vasquez Jr., Yuba County Board of Supervisor, Vice Chairman, District 1
• John Nicoletti, Yuba County Board of Supervisor, District 2
• Mary Jane, Yuba County Board of Supervisor, District 3
• Roger Abe, Yuba County Board of Supervisor, District 4
• Hal Stocker, Yuba County Board of Supervisor, Chairman, District 5

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