Dameron Hospital Celebrates 100 Years of Community Service

STOCKTON, CA: In 1912, a physician named Dr. John Dameron, with the help of a few local businessmen, established Dameron Hospital. The endeavor was to offer an independent alternative to local health care even back in their time. Dameron Hospital remains in the same location where it was originally founded in Central Stockton. From a humble beginning, Dameron Hospital has grown to become a 202 bed full service community owned medical facility. Over the years Dameron Hospital has continued an aggressive path to rebuild and upgrade medical services from the inside out. During the past 10 years, almost every area of the Hospital has seen renovation and modernization. While government and corporate involvement in medical care is common these days, it’s comforting to know that Dameron Hospital has always remained community owned, solely dedicated to medically serving this community. Through independence, Dameron Hospital can assure physicians, patients, nurses and clinical staff that excellence in patient care and patient services will never be compromised by an out of town corporate entity or directive.
Founding physician Dr. Dameron was succeeded by Dr. Herbert Chapman who transferred Dameron Hospital to non-profit status in 1942. Succeeding Dr. Chapman in 1957, Dr. Luis Arismendi assumed leadership and then transferred the position to his son, Dr. Christopher Arismendi in 2000. Through the years the Hospital’s community minded mission, vision and values have always been maintained. The Hospital’s strong community values are something the Hospital wishes to carry over to future generations of local residents. Dameron Hospital is proud of its place within this community and is dedicated to continue serving the medical needs of a growing San Joaquin County for another 100 years.
Dr. Dameron would be pleased to see that the hospital he founded in 1912 would grow to become Stockton’s third largest private employer and a vital community asset serving thousands of residents each year. Over the next few months, the public is invited to join Dameron Hospital in celebrating its centennial through local events and recreational activities. Dameron is proud of its past and dedicated to provide independent medical services to this community for the next 100 years.

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