Wind Energy Tax Credit Just Make Sense

California was one of the first states to develop utility-scale wind farms and until 2000 had more wind energy installed than the rest of the country combined. If our state is to
continue the trend of being innovators in renewable energy, Congress needs to use its resources to spur more private
investment, which leads to new jobs and more economic activity here in the Central Valley. Today, Congress
has an excellent opportunity to continue the wind Production Tax Credit, which costs between $2-3 billion and has driven more than $10-20 billion in private sector investment in each of the past three years.

Ending the wind Production Tax Credit will cost our Central Valley communities jobs and valuable private sector investment. Regionally, wind power facilities generate revenues in lease payments to landowners and in
property taxes to state and local governments — not to mention the indirect manufacturing jobs this tax credit creates.

This policy is a win-win on all fronts. It creates jobs, promotes clean energy, and promotes the vitality of our Central Valley economy and community. Congressmen Jeff Denham, Devin Nunes and Kevin McCarthy should urge the House Leadership to support the Production Tax Credit before it expires.

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