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Local Business Icons: Where Are They Now?

Dave Jimenez  longtime lender at Bank of Stockton By Rhashad R. Pittman More than 30 years ago, Dave Jimenez was one of the first Latino bankers in the Stockton community to have lending power. As a loan officer with the Bank of Stockton, Jimenez helped an endless number of Latino families borrow money for cars, […]

Nuevo programa combina Medicare y Medi-Cal

SAN JOSE, Calif.-— El condado de Santa Clara es uno de siete condados en California que participará en Cal MediConnect, que busca ayudar a personas de edad avanzada y/o con discapacidades, que son elegibles para los [...]

Farmworker Women Speaking Up on Domestic Violence

THERMAL, Calif. — Alicia Montes was only 16 when she fell in love with Juan Alvarez in the courtyard of the trailer park where she lived with her father and siblings. “I was abandoned as a child by my mother, and[...]

In State of the Union, Obama Calls on GOP to Help Middle Class

In his sixth State of the Union address, President Obama challenged the GOP-majority Congress Tuesday night to break from the “tired old patterns” of argumentative politics to uplift the middle class with mor[...]

After AB60, Some Immigrants Have Hard Time Getting License

LONG BEACH, Calif. — The Department of Motor Vehicles is expected to process 1.4 million immigrants seeking licenses in the next three years as a result of AB 60, a new Californialaw requiring the DMV to issu[...]

Latino Times Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Locally-owned Latino newspapers in San Joaquin County have folded one by one in the past decade, victims of a dying newspaper industry.  Yet one has remained. The Latino Times continues to stand tall as the “sole surv[...]

SJCHCC to Host 12th Annual Student Financial Aid and College Awareness Workshop

(Stockton, CA) The San Joaquin County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SJCHCC) has announced the date for its 12th Annual Student Financial Aid and College Awareness Workshop. The event will take place on Sunday, January 25[...]

Navigating College While Depressed

LONG BEACH, Calif. – As Sunday night arrives most college students prepare by filling their backpacks with books for the coming week. But for Cal State Long Beach student Rachel Keeney, that process also involves makin[...]

Why Americans Should Be Outraged by Pena Nieto Visit

A clear difference between our political expectations is this – Americans want to believe in the moral qualities of their leaders, while Mexicans know their politicians have none. This is why it is not surprising to le[...]

Different destinations for U.S. Hispanics, Latin Americans who leave Catholic Church

The share of Catholics in Latin America and among U.S. Hispanics is declining, according to two major Pew Research surveys, including a new poll on religion in 18 Latin American countries and Puerto Rico. But the two s[...]