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Financial Center Credit Union Gives Nearly $5 Million to Members for 60th Anniversary

Imagine getting a check in the mail from your bank for a few hundred dollars just because the bank had a really good business year. In this economy, must be dreaming right? Well that dream came true for members of Financial Center Credit Union last month. The credit union’s board of directors gave $4.8 million […]

Visionary Home Builders Construct ‘House of Hope’ for Farm Workers

By Rhashad R. Pittman They plant and harvest the crops that keep our bodies healthy. Yet the homes where they sleep and raise their children are anything but. Many of the farm workers who work the fields of the Central V[...]

Can President Obama Stop Deportations?

Since President Barack Obama took office in 2009, almost 2 million people have been deported – more than under any other president. That’s not just a steady drumbeat; it’s a full-on marching band. 1,100 people a da[...]

The one big problem with the proposed nutrition-label changes

A few weeks ago, First Lady Michelle Obama, head of the Let’s Move campaign, and FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg announced proposed changes to the Nutrition Facts panels that adorn the labels of packaged foods. Y[...]


In a case that experts say may restrict the already limited access Latinos and African Americans have to the Internet, Apple and Samsung are locked in an increasingly bitter patent dispute involving smartphone technol[...]

Tech Incubator Is Seeking Membership Applications from Local Tech Entrepreneurs

STOCKTON, CA –  The Downtown Stockton Alliance (DSA) received a $25,000 grant from the Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E) Economic Vitality Grant Program to establish a Downtown Stockton Technology Incuba[...]

Injured Worker, Now 64, Retired on $868 Monthly

SAN FRANCISCO — Jose Mendez, 64, has lived at the Hartland Hotel on Geary near Larkin for seven years. Having lived on the street and in shelters, Mendez is grateful to have a roof over his head. His room is small,[...]

NCLR to Obama: Act Now, or Own ‘Deporter in Chief’ Legacy

The National Council of La Raza’s leader, Janet Murguía, called on President Obama to stop “turning a blind eye to the harm being done” by the record number of deportations that have taken place during his tenure.[...]

Eight Lesser-Known Benefits of U.S. Citizenship

If you asked someone to explain the benefits of becoming a U.S. citizen, the likely response would be that it affords people the right to vote. And while that is true, voting is certainly not the only benefit of naturali[...]

Long-time Prosecutor Vies to be next District Attorney

By Rhashad R. Pittman When Tori Verber Salazar started working for the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s office 25 years ago, she did trial an witness prep as an intern. Today she is one of the leading homicide pr[...]